Nautical Furniture

Nautical Furniture
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Captains Desk-Ivory
Captains Desk-Ivory Captains made good use of notoriously cramped quarters! The captain~s desk was..
Captain~s Gig
Captain~s Gig Dispatched for victuals for the captains table or canvas for a sail blown away in a..
Captain~s Navy Chair
Captain~s Navy Chair A perfect complement to the captains desk, the navy chairs shape goes back..
Dory Bookshelf/Table with Glass Top
Dory Bookshelf/Table with Glass Top This dory can be used in two ways: upright as a bookshelf, o..
Man Of Eight Bookcase
Man Of Eight Bookcase An age-old hallowed tradition. These long, narrow and fast wooden racers were..
Oxford Varsity Coat Stand
Oxford Varsity Coat Stand Three oars make up this sturdy and attractive coat stand. Featuring..